We work with developers to help them migrate and evolve into the digital economy.

We show them where the clients are, how to connect with those clients, how to qualify them and then how to sell at maximum margins using online strategies.

icon_1Next generation marketing

Starting with a high level assessment of the project, LJ Hooker Development Services formulates an initial strategy before delivering a custom marketing plan that combines digital and traditional techniques.

icon_1Search optimisation

LJ Hooker Development Services will optimise your project’s presence in the target environment with the right website architecture, content and positioning, to maximise its ability to be found.

icon_1Intelligent outreach

Using our proprietary MiNT® platform, we monitor all activity and analyse the data before creating proactive outreach messages to engage with buyers.

icon_1Property-centric technology

Developed by property experts, our new generation e-platform establishes content with lead scoring based on buyer actions against property protocols.

icon_1Predictive analysis

With lead scoring based on buyer actions online, we track and weight consumer interaction objectively. We analyse the data to plan and review strategies that improve future outcomes.

icon_1Buyer Concierge

The buyer concierge function builds and nurtures relationships, before connecting leads with sales personnel for conversion. The concierge supports staff and ensures sales performance.

icon_1Qualified lead funnel

Using existing databases or through outreach, LJ Hooker Development Services creates a funnel to capture, organise and prioritise data, ensuring true buyer behaviour is identified and nurtured.

icon_1Data driven conversion

The sales process is initiated and managed through the intelligent use of data, giving sales personnel the insight to efficiently convert leads to sales.

icon_1Data monetisation

LJ Hooker Development Services enables you to build a qualified and current project database which provides lead generation or market research for future projects and reduces costs by eliminating network sellers or marketeers.